Some people think Drake Cyclery is named after the road it is on, but really the shop is named after the owner Eric Drake. Eric Drake started off in Eric Drakes garage. Fixing bikes for customers who found him through a Craigslist ad. Once they saw how great of a job Eric had done, they passed the information of his skills to their friends. It was at this point Eric knew he needed a bigger space. In 2011, the shop opened and has been running strong since.



I started riding bikes seriously at the age of 13, and I am still loving it today. Done every type of riding from Road biking to Dirt jumping to downhill riding, but now my main focus is on trail riding. My favorite trail in Fort Collins to ride is Carry springs. I have been a professional mechanic since 2007, but before that, I learned my skills working on friends bikes and my own.



I started riding bikes seriously at the age of 12. Started off on the streets of Springfield Illinois, turning anything I could find into a jump. Eventually moving my skills over to the trails in Fort Collins, where I love to go fast and get air.

I started out working at a local bike shop in my hometown, where I learned most of what I use today to make my customers’ bikes perfect.

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